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…Light sea breeze is brushing through the palm trees…Sun’s rays touch your skin gently…azure and sea slick…long beach on a sun-drenched day… It’s not a dream! Welcome on board of the luxury yacht sailing toward the sun. Comfort, beautiful sight – do you want any more? Breeze, sails and purl of water will make you lose oneself in adventure world. In this way you can forget the vanity press, distress and get energy. In contrast to romance and silence, you can meet the boisterous weather.
Pull of the sea is not a myth. It has a real sense. Yachting is beautiful, exotic, extreme world. Marine dark is proof against years. It is unleashing the human imagination. You can gain liberty. What is your essence fairy?




Yacht is a lifestyle. You feel your vessel respond to the turn of the wheel. It understands you. You enjoy its maneuvering ability. Any moment quietness can change myriads of sprays of sea water. You will really affect by the sail sing.
Do you constitute yourself as an experienced yachtsman? Or, do you break ground? Do you seek repose and pacification? Do you suffer thirst of new adventures? To get a taste of winning you can choose a racing yacht. It is compact, light weight and maneuverable. These vessels can be quite complex in design, as they need a balance between docile handling qualities, interior space, good light-wind performance and on-board comfort. Last years the world came to designate racing/cruising compromises with comfortable accommodation and good navigation. To take some relaxation you will prefer a cruising yacht. 
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