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What is GP 26.

  Do you feel thirst of the adventures? To feel the taste of victory you can choose a racing boat, which has such characteristics as: light weight, high maneuverability, and big speed possibilities. And “Sailing center, ltd.” proposes to your attention a new model row of racing yachts GP-26. These yachts have great racing characteristics. Also such boats have a big reserve of move, powerful engines and great sailing characteristics. Tough construction of this boats and easy handling let concentrate on speed without caring about safety. The crew of a yacht should just show its knowledge, experience and capabilities of yachtsmen, and the boat will make all the rest.

What is Farr 42 – Skif 42

 During some years there is a tendency to appearance cruise-race compromises, which perfect suit for ocean sailing and for taking part in regattas. We present the entailment of perfect sailing vessel - yacht "Farr 42" – "Skif 42", which was designed by world leader of designing the yachts – by the company Farr Yacht Design, Ltd. Modern vessel’s silhouette charms with its high speed and grace. This yacht can be a worthy participant of every race or just a decoration of endless sea and a place for wonderful rest. The yacht "Farr 42" is a cruise-racer vessel and should qualified by ORC club. These yachts are associated with such words as longevity, toughness, lightweight.

What is Schooner?

  Tender waft of trade wind, fine aroma of sea breeze… Touching of gentle sun rays… You can see endless space of sky light blue and smooth surface of sea, where unexplored isles melt… It is not a dream, you are abroad a luxury yacht, flying on water toward sun and wind. Comfort, a beautiful view on the deck – what do you have any more to dream? Romance and silence intertwine with opposition of element.

    Are you looking for peace and quietness? Do you want a place for splendid rest? Then your choice is Schooner – a cruising yacht with the best sailing characteristics and maximum comfortable with all that you need. These yachts have the increased comfort for the rest on the water with your family and friends.

                                                        Project CYD 2008   Centerboard 3

   Do you think about yourself as a good yachtsman? Or do you make the first steps in yachting? You can not answer. Now it is your time. The project of our company and Italian designer – Centerboard 3. Yacht CYD 2008 – is a universal boat, which will be good for yachting learning or for unhurried walking on the water and it lets the sailor feel the taste of victory during taking part in the regattas.

                                                CENTERBOARDS  OPTIMIST and 420

       “Sailing center, ltd.” began to produce centerboards of international classes - "Optimist" and "420", trade mark "East Wave, ltd."  All the centerboards have international measurement certificates and qualified by the International Associations of these classes.

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