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Our shipyard is situated in Rostov region, Neklinovsky district, Aleksandrova Koca village, Smirnova street, 8; 8 km from Taganrog, 150 m from Azov sea coast. Total area of our workshop is 2056 sq.m.

    The area of administrative-domestic housing is 144 sq.m.

    The area of back rooms and storehouses is 182 sq.m.




Our workshop consists of 7 areas:

 - moulding space, total area 528 sq.m – is assigned for making glass-reinforces plastic constructions, using polyester and epoxy resins, and is equipped with input and exhaust system of ventilation. This area is equipped with: a drying cell, area 105 sq.m with max heating temperature 1200 , vacuum moulding tables, 2 vacuum compressor, an impregnator (machine for impregnation glasscloth with epoxy resin), a gelcoat gun (a gun for applying gelcoat, polyester and vinylester resins), also there are moulds in this area, in which the details are moulded.

 - model space, total area 240 sq.m – is assigned for making master-models. The model area is equipped with woodworking benches and bench plates.



 - assembling space, total area 540 sq.m – is assigned for assembling hulls. Interior structures are filled in a hull, furniture, hull is covered with deck. The assembling area is equipped with a technological entresol, on which there are vice and woodworking benches.




 - handing-over space, total area 240 sq.m – is assigned for mounting keel and rudder blade on a boat, finishing an underwater hull’s part with non-fouling paint, and is equipped with a technological hole with deep 2 m for keel mounting.




 - paint space, total area 90 sq.m – is assigned for painting, which is connected to producing furniture panels for yachts, and painting the hulls.

 - clipping space, total area 60 sq.m – is assigned for fitting and cutting of glass reinforces plastic constructions, which were took out of moulds. 

 - cutting-out space, total area 32 sq.m – is assigned for cutting-out glasscloth, vacuum consumed materials and making a vacuum bag. This area is equipped with a shelving for glasscloth and vacuum quillworts, a cutting table. 

    Our shipyard has 2 open areas for keeping yachts, moulds, total area 2500 sq.m.

    The workshop is equipped with exhaust system of ventilation and heating due to demands of manufactures of epoxy and polyester resins.  

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