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 Our company is connected indissoluble to sailing sport.

  In 1997 the team of sportsmen was organized in the least child’s classes of yachts - «Optimist» and «Ray».

   The team of the "Sailing centre" consists of:

 - Lisovenko Igor (1988)


2004 - 7th place in the World Championship in "Laser 4,7" class

         - 2d place in the European Youth Championship  

2005 - 2d place in European Championship in "Laser Radial Youth" class

2006 - Champion of the Russian Championship in "Laser Standard" class

2007 - 1st place in the Russian Championship in "Laser Standard" class

2008 - Russian Championship – 1st place,

2008 – Russian Primacy – 1st place,

2009 - Final of the Cup of Russia - 1st place.


  - Serezhkin Victor (1990) 


2002 - Champion of Europe in "Optimist"

2006 - Champion of Europe in "4,7", 2d winner in the world

2007 - Champion of Russian Spring Championship

2009 - Final of the Cup of Russia - 3d place.

 - Kadetov Ivan (1991)

     With his father Kadetov Michael

the team in “Ray”:  - brothers

Rozhkov Denis (1985)


2006 - champion of Russian Spartatist Games

 and Rozhkov Vitalik (1985),

- Bozhko Alexander (1987)

they also were the members of Russian combined teams. The boys are going in for sailing sport since they were 8-9 years.

      During some years our yachtsmen became the winners in Russian Championship in the class «Optimist», and in summer 2001 they won the European Cup in team racing in Italy, the official name – “GrandOptical Optimist team racing Cup for European club teams”.

     Having suitable height and weight characteristics, our yachtsmen went from “Optimist” to “Laser”. Now they are the members of Russian combined team in “Laser”. Lisovenko Igor and Serezhkin Viktor are the champions of the European and World Championships.

Their trainers are Rozhkov Denis, Kadetov Michael

and Kadetov Vlas, commercial director of "Sailing centre, ltd.".


  Our yachtsmen show high results on all Russian and World competitions. In 2005-2007 they won the titles of prizewinners and champions of the European and World Championships in classes: “Laser radial”, “Laser standard”, “Laser 4.7”.   





  13.02.08.  Lisovenko Igor wins the license for taking part in Olympic in class “Laser standard” for Russia. 

  25.03.09.  Lisovenko Igor wins the final regatta of the Cup of Russia. It consists of 3 stages: 1st stage - Black sea regatta - was in November 2008 in Sochi; 2d stage - Winter Riviera - was in February 2009; and 3d stage- Sochi regatta was 18-25.03.2009. After all these stages were chosens the yachtsmen which will take part in a regatta in Hyeres in April 2009. The participants of the Olympic games, including Igor Lisovenko, will participate automatically in this regatta. 




2006 - Champion of Russian Spartatist games

2007 - 3d place in The Cup of Russia

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